Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Fear

When I was little I could not stand being alone in the dark. I was afraid that someone or something was watching me while I was sleeping. My brother, scary T.V. shows, and movies had made me think that there was always something out to get me the dark while I slept. The fear i felt when I was younger was unbelievable, I couldn't sleep at all knowing that there might be something hiding and watching me at all times. My imagination had gone wild. I had all these weird and crazy thoughts about this giant hairy monster staring at me from the edge of my bed. Nights of not being able to sleep lasted for awhile, but eventually my mother got me a night light so I could partly see what is in my room.The night light eventually helped me realize that there wasn't any monsters hiding in my room watching me at night. Like in The Lord of the Flies, my imagination got the best of me. The little uns in the story kept getting this idea of a big flying, evil monster that was out to get them. This is what happened to me too, I turned a little scary situation into a big and scary situation. Once you let your imagination get the best of you, you are bound to overreact to little things.